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A Folklore Collection Project

FALLS INTO WORDS is a new and dynamic Gwynns Falls Trail Council project to collect stories, poems, songs, and photographs by area residents that help to enrich the experience of the Trail and explain the connection that people have toward the Gwynns Falls as a natural resource. We want you to tell your stories about the past, present and future of the stream valley, its neighborhoods, parks, and people. What is the history of the people who lived and worked along in the stream valley, how does the Trail help to connect people to this natural resource, and what can we learn about the use, conservation and preservation of this resource for the future? We are collecting material you wish to offer about your personal connection to the Gwynns Falls. The written materials and photographs collected may be used by the Trail Council in publications, guided tours, and audio recording on this website. This project is supported in part by the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.

If you want to participate, see click STORY GUIDELINES. To read some of our collected stories, click TELL ME A STORY.

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